A Brief History of Endovascular Surgery and How It Was Disseminated and Adopted in Latin America

Frank J Criado, MD. MedStar Union Memorial Hospital Bal more, Maryland USA.

The narrative I have created reflects primarily an historical and most interesting story that unfolded during the early days of my surgical career. But it goes without saying… the “flavor and many twists and turns” most readers will notice as they examine this
piece were, and continue to be, influenced by the writer’s personal worldview in all things vascular


The primordial origins of catheter techniques can be traced back to the very human instinct to make things better and less invasive. No different from other medical and surgical fields where the natural evolution to a less invasive future has left a profound transformative mark.

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Como citar: Salinas Parra C, García Martínez G, Uribe Múnera JA, Timarán Rodríguez RF, Mejía A, Ordoñez Tello

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